Original Log cabin built in 1980, remodeled most recently in 2000. 2 bedrooms and a loft. 1 bath. Large, fully-fitted kitchen. Two large living rooms. This cabin has its own woodshed, workshop and gardens. It is completely self-contained with plumbing,  (12V Solar Panel system and small generator back up), and wood stove heating. Panorama windows looking down on the back bay and main dock. This cabin is guesthouse/caretaker’s home.  Sleeps 8 or more.

Small, covered travel trailer-cabin. Nestled on the side of a path, overlooking the back bay. Propane heat and typical trailer-cabin amenities. Sleeps 4-6.

Large Shop built in 1997, 800sq. ft. Barn doors out the back. Half wood, half gravel floors. Wood heating. Insulated. Full of various tools and machines for maintaining the property. Adjacent to the airstrip.

Incuding a Saw mill above landing beach.  A 240 Sq. ft Greenhouse by main house, Water tower and fuel shed.




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  1. I would like to know more about the other ”amenities” the solar power, the Detroit Generator. etc….The other aspects of the island… the greenhouse (s) and how far by boat to the ferry to Vancouver…..

    Thank you,

    Kevin G.

    • Thank you for your interest in the Island. We have sent details to the email address you provided.
      Hope you have received it. Please feel free to email with any other questions you may have.
      Warm regards, Zachary

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